Gold Membership

$55.00 / month



Do you have a bookkeeping business but feel you still need help? This subscription is for you! The Gold subscription includes access to a subscription only Facebook group, early access to additional content and free group mentoring with Kelly Berger twice a month. Includes specials each month, articles and events will be advertised through the subscription Facebook group. This subscription is $55 a month, with a $10 discount off all products and $40 off one on one coaching with Kelly Berger. With multiple tutorials on all things bookkeeping that you just don’t get in your regular training, access to various other avenues of training and coaches. This subscription is an asset to your career and business!

  • Access to Private Subscription Facebook Group
  • Early Access to Free and Paid tutorials
  • Monthly Specials
  • Free Group Mentoring with Kelly Berger & Guests
  • $10 Discount off All Products
  • $40 Discount off One on One Coaching with Kelly Berger
  • Access to Various Other Avenues of Training and Coaches


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