Hourly Bookkeeping/Business Coaching with Mentor Kelly Berger

$110.00 inc. GST


Are you working in bookkeeping or running a bookkeeping business and need some guidance? Experienced Mentor Kelly Berger can help grow you business in the following areas.

Bookkeeping Business Coaching Topics:

  • technical bookkeeping support,
  • growing your business,
  • rescue work,
  • processes and procedures,
  • exit strategies,
  • management
  • and planning.

All sessions includes easy to use templates.

Schedule a time with Kelly here, noting that booking is subject to receipt of payment.

Contact Kelly for more information by email on kelly@businesssimplicity.com.auadmin or phone on 0413 323 745.

Kelly has a vast background in Finance, Bookkeeping, BAS, Sales, Staff, Management and running a bookkeeping practice along with other businesses in other industries.


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