6 Key Business Mindsets for Easier Success!

by Rach Wilson

It’s well known that your mindset is critical to your success, but contrary to popular belief it is not the ONLY thing that determines your success or how fast you get “there”. Your emotions, your energy, your strategies, your intuition and expertise all play hugely important roles in succeeding to the level of your dreams and beyond, but today I am going to focus mostly on mindset because bringing every one of those areas together is a much longer conversation and requires a lot more coffee.

In basic terms, what you think determines what you feel and what you feel determines the action you take or don’t take. Fear will shut you down and hold you back, confidence will open you up and move you forward; your mindset basically determines both your resilience and your drive or lack thereof.

Your mindset is a mixture of your perceptions and thought processes that determine behaviour, but not all are conscious, 95% of your behaviours actually reside in the subconscious. If you are to thrive through the ups and downs of life and business, cultivating a healthy mindset on both levels is critical. Today we’re largely working with the conscious mind, changing the subconscious mind requires skills and tools which I teach but are too involved to share here.

In this series of short article, I’ll share with you the 6 important mindsets or perspectives/ways of thinking, that make a big difference and have a big difference to both myself and my clients/students. I have described each mindset and given you an affirmation to help you remember and align with this mindset automatically anytime you find yourself straying into fear, doubt or worry:

Acknowledge that you know enough to help clients already
Affirmation – “I know more than enough to help the people I am meant to help right now”

A common mindset I come across in my coaching is the mindset of “I don’t know enough”, which drives an insatiable need for education and learning. While learning is great and necessary for professional development, if you let this stop you from serving those you can serve now, it is a hinderance. You will never feel like you know enough and therefore never really get started.

The truth is that you don’t need to know everything before you start to help and serve others, and charge for it. You just need to be a 4th grader to a 3rd grader, this means you only need to be a few steps ahead to be able to teach or serve someone who knows less than you do.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean you stop learning and building your expertise either. You continue to learn and grow which means you can help even more people over time and in new ways, but you don’t need to have a PhD before you start helping kindergarten level. There are more than enough clients for everyone at every stage of their professional level of expertise.

Newsflash… Not knowing everything doesn’t make you any less of a person or professional. You only need to know enough to help your clients OR know where to find the answers! Easy! And with the Bookkeepers Collective, that’s the point, to have a resource to get the answers you need to serve your clients without having to wait until you have learned EVERYTHING in order to do that, this is learning on the job and it’s perfectly valid to get paid for that too.

So, remember… there is always a client you can serve so aim to serve the ones you can help. You’ve got this! In the next article we’re going to look at how to charge what you’re worth!

Keep an eye out for the next article in the series! If you want Mindset coaching, you can find all Rach Wilsons details on the Network page!