Well let’s face it we are hit with so many deadlines from the ATO such as PAYG, IAS, Superannuation, EOFY etc plus then comes your obligations to your clients such as reporting, payroll, implementing new processes and systems etc and then what about what we need to implement in our own business? Well it is no wonder we are burning out and not having the necessary downtime we need. Oh and let’s not forget about all the new rules and regulations coming through the ATO and the TPB. Keeping up can be challenging!

The key to not burning out is to be organised!! When organising your week, you also need to schedule in regular downtime for yourself. When you have all your deadlines either on a calendar or setup in an online workflow management system such as Trello, Karbon or Asana things run smoother. When your tasks lists are set up within your workflow management system it can help you to keep organised and on track with all your deadlines. And imagine what it is like to tick off that list one by one to have a clear list by the end of the week?? That would feel great right!

Keeping track of work and setting your own deadlines ensures you get everything done within a certain timeframe. This also allows for a little flexibility for the work to be done, with ease and on time. If you keep running off schedule needing extra time to complete tasks also could be working until the wee hours of the morning, night after night, then you need to see if this is working for you?

Is it time to hire a contractor to help with the overflow or hire an employee to assist you in keeping your business on target. When looking at a contractor or employee just remember that they cost you less then your hourly rate so you are still making a profit from the employee or contractor. You are also able to take on more work and expand your business making more profit and less of your time needing to be invested once the employee or contractor is up and running effectively (note this can take a few months). Leaving more time for you to focus on the aspects of bookkeeping that you enjoy most…no more pesky data entry…unless that’s your thing!

So why do you need downtime? Because you need to take the time to regenerate your energies, refocus, avoid burnout and also manage those stress levels, a common symptom in bookkeepers! Activities such as going on a hike or walk with family or friends, having a massage, reflexology or acupuncture. Go get your hair done, these small moments can all have a time out and relaxing effect on you and force you to stop for a period of time. Something I always manage is time with my family, because time is so precious and before we know it the kids have grown up and moved out and have their own family. Something to remember is if we keep saying no to going out with friends and family then you may find they stop calling because you are too busy and you miss out on so many special moments. Being able to organise your work and have processes and procedures in place allows you to keep on top of your work and give you more time with your family and friends.

Don’t forget you can say NO to clients who contact you outside of work times, you can say NO to unreasonable requests and you can say NO to clients or potential clients that are not compliant and not willing to comply as it is your BAS agent registration that’s at risk.

Above all pay attention to your body and know the signs that your body needs rest and take that rest as you need it.