Are you are feeling out of control? That you don’t know which way you need to go? It’s time to start working on some Time Management strategies! Knowing what tasks need to get done is the first place to start. Start by writing down all the tasks that need doing and then write next to them the due date and time.

Then you arrange them into date order, even if your hardest task is at the top start at the top and start working your way down the list ticking each one off as you go. As you move further down the list and start seeing the list get smaller and more tasks ticked off you will find that you will get a bit more drive and motivation for keep moving forward. If your list is considerably long, then just start with the top 5-10 tasks and write them down.

Don’t chop and change between tasks as this will lead to further procrastination so keep on the one task until it is complete or as far as you can get it without further information.

When considering your time management, you must be first aware of what your to do list involves and what your priorities are and then create a schedule that allows the appropriate time to complete those tasks by priority and to also allow for time out. You must be aware that if you are fixing a client’s books you must allow extra time as these are always complex and need more time specifically dedicated to them. Also, be aware if it is BAS time and what else you need to consider such as your workload tends to increase significantly at that time or at EOFY time. Understand that if things are too hectic and you cannot simply add in another task it is ok to say no and give the client a new timeframe to expect it to be done. Make sure that your workspace is clear of distraction, so you can work effectively on the task at hand. I find that when I am working in chaos that everything turns to chaos and I don’t work effectively. If you can delegate tasks even just around the house, it will help you to focus on what needs to be done rather then sitting there saying to yourself oh I have to do this and this and this and this. You can give someone else the tasks to do such as hire a cleaner – often they cost less than you can earn an hour! Hire an admin person or a trainee to help you with the day to day tasks.

Stress is inevitable in our industry with the many many deadlines we must keep up with and with our client base always growing and changing. But how we deal with that stress and how we manage our workload makes a difference. I find when I am frustrated and cannot resolve a problem I take a time out, I go and get a cuppa and do something else for a short period like clean my desk or if at home clean my kitchen or call a friend and have a chat. This allows my brain to have a moment of downtime and allow me to refocus on the task at hand and generally I find the solution I had been looking for with a fresh perspectiveclearing my head and allowing me to focus better. Whether it is work stress or home stress you need to find ways to cope with the constant pressures of life and work to have a balance within your life.